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Root Check Tool by KingRoot


Root Check Tool is produced by KingRoot Team to help you check your phone’s root access. The toolbox has the following features:## Root status checkerWith just one click, Root Check Tool will analyze your devices, and tell you whether your devices have root access. Besides, you will be also aware of ROM version, binary path and version, mount capability, SELINUX and, so on.
## Root’s WikipediaRoot Check Tool’s FAQ provides everything you have to know about root. For example, why many users love to root their devices? Since root is having the privilege control of a mobile phone system, you can conduct a comprehensive management and optimization on your device such as removing pre-installed bloatware, disabling auto start apps, replacing system fonts, etc.
## Useful tools recommendationNot every phone can be rooted successfully, but we believe every device should enjoy the benefit of rooting. Thus we recommend some utilities for you to optimize your devices, and Purify is second to none choice. Purify automatically put your idle apps into hibernation so as to save power and boost device. It can run both in root and none-root device.
## Device information listAfter getting a new phone, you can use Root Check Tool to inspect whether the phone has what is described on the advertisement. You will have all the following information:
Brand, Model, Android version, Manufacture, IMEI, Kernel version, Baseband version, Bootloader, Serial number, WiFi MAC address, Battery, CPU
Popular apps such as Busybox. ROM Manager usually works better on rooted device. Try out Root Check Tool today to see if your phone is rooted!